Bandwidth XML

Bandwidth XML


The Call verb is used to create call to another number.


The Conference verb is used to create conferences.


The Gather verb is used to collect digits for some period of time.


The Hangup verb is used to hangup current call.


<Media> is a noun that is used exclusively within <SendMessage> to provide attached media (MMS) capability messages. This feature is coming soon.


Pause is a verb to specify the length of seconds to wait before executing the next verb. This feature is coming soon.


The PlayAudio verb is used to play an audio file in the call.


The Record verb allows call recording. At the end of the call, a call recording event containing the media with recorded audio URL is generated.


The Redirect verb is used to redirect the current XML execution to another URL.


The Reject verb is used to reject incoming calls. This feature is coming soon.


The SendMessage verb is used to send a text message.


The SpeakSentence verb is used to convert any text into speak for the caller.


The Transfer verb is used to transfer the call to another number.