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What countries are supported on the Bandwidth network?

Bandwidth’s network provides services in the US and Canada (see network map). While we do support international dialing from our network, we do not have phone number coverage outside the US and Canada today.

Can I sign up for an account using an international number?

Bandwidth currently focuses on providing services in the US and Canada. Therefore, we only accept signups for numbers using a +1 prefix.

What size media is supported for MMS?

We support up to 1.5 MB for external media and 2 MB for internal media.

Can I use Bandwidth phone numbers for SMS?

Yes, Bandwidth phone numbers are enabled for both voice and two-way SMS.

How much does it cost to port a phone number?

Please contact sales or your account representative for more information.

For a one-time bulk port, called a project port – customers wanting to coordinate several hundred, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of phone numbers as part of a bulk port – these typically don’t have a per number fee, but may have a nominal project fee to assign a dedicated coordinator to your account – depending on the size and complexity.

For customers who make porting a regular part of their product and software, use of our fully-automated porting APIs, workflows, and portals to manage individual ports or orders under 100 lines have a fee associated with each transaction depending on your volume and account type, please contact your account representative for more information.

How can I configure my application to get incoming phone calls?

See our how-to guide here.

Can I record a phone call?

Yes, you are able to record phone calls by setting the record property to true for a /calls resource. MP3 and WAV formats are both supported.

Does Bandwidth support conference calling?

Yes, see our API reference /conferences for how to create a conference call.

What is the difference between bridges and conferences?

A bridge is between two calls and a conference is used for 3 or more calls.

Does Bandwidth support transcription?

Yes, calls that recorded in wav format can be transcribed.  See the /transcriptions resource for more details.

How can I stop receiving calls for a phone number?

If you do not want to receive any phone calls for a phone number, you must remove the incomingCallUrl property and set the autoAnswer property to ‘false’ for your application associated with that phone number.

Are Bandwidth local phone numbers voice and messaging enabled?

Yes, all Bandwidth local phone numbers are both voice and messaging enabled.

Can I get a toll free phone numbers from Bandwidth?

Yes, Bandwidth has a large inventory of toll free phone numbers.

How long does it take to activate a phone number before it can receive phone calls or text messages?

From instantly to a few seconds. Bandwidth available phone number inventory is already activated on our network for voice and messaging, when you activate a phone number for use on your account, it is ready for use immediately.

How can I deactivate and remove a number from my account?

You can remove numbers from your account by using the API /availableNumbers to remove it or by using the developer console My Numbers tab.

Can I send an SMS with a Toll Free Bandwidth number?

Yes, you can, but you will need to first order a Toll-Free number, then open a ticket asking to enable the number. Toll Free numbers are not automatically SMS enabled.

How many outbound SMS can I send at a time from a single phone number?

Local phone numbers are intended for two-way communication. Industry guidelines normally permit users to send at 1 msg / sec per phone number.

What is the max characters I can send in an SMS?

A normal SMS is 160 characters, but we support concatenated messages to carriers and devices who support it.  Our API will accept up to 2048 characters.  In the case the carrier or handset doesn’t support, it will be delivered as message 1/2, 2/2, etc.

What types of applications can I build with the Bandwidth App Platform?

Our cloud APIs support many types of applications, from text messaging apps, voicemail, appointment reminders, conference calling, call analytics & lead generation tracking, virtual phone systems, private phone number services, IVRs and call centers.

What exactly does direct-to-carrier mean?

Bandwidth is the only carrier who owns BOTH our own network for voice and messaging and a cloud API platform for applications.

Direct-to-carrier means you can purchase phone numbers and network usage directly from a carrier, while still using cloud APIs to power you app.

Can I get a delivery receipt for SMS that I send?

Yes, deliver receipts is supported. Please review our API docs for /messages.

Can I send and receive SMS to international phone numbers?

We support two-way SMS to many countries throughout the globe for invoiced accounts.  If you would like details about our international SMS services, please contact us at (855) 290-8135 or email sales here.

Does Bandwidth support porting of both U.S. and Canadian phone numbers?

Yes. Please contact our support team to learn about porting options for Canadian phone numbers.

I am working with another cloud platform provider, can I transfer my existing phone numbers to Bandwidth?

Yes. Bandwidth handles porting of phone numbers everyday. We can coordinate and schedule small and very large transfers of phone numbers so there is no disruption of service for your end-users.

Can I receive calls on my Bandwidth phone numbers from international callers?

Yes, Bandwidth phone numbers can receive inbound calls from most international callers.

However, there is a list of areas codes that are not supported for voice service on our network. Please read the full list.

Can I send and receive Emoji in SMS messages?

Yes. You are able to send and receive emoji in SMS, keep in mind not all wireless devices or internet VoIP services support emoji but for most North American services, sending and receiving emoji with a Bandwidth virtual phone number will work.

Can I set the Caller Id on an outgoing message to anything I want?

No. You can only send outgoing messages from phone numbers you have activated on your account.

Can my Bandwidth phone number send SMS to a US and Canada Short Codes?

Yes. We support most US and Canadian short codes. We do not support sending to premium short codes. See the full list of supported short codes.

Does Bandwidth sell or host Short Codes?

No, not at this time. Bandwidth provides virtual local and toll free phone numbers for apps needing two-way SMS/MMS. Toll Free numbers do not come sms enabled, so please open a ticket with us to enable them.

Can Bandwidth phone numbers send and receive Premium SMS to do things like make donations using SMS?

No. Bandwidth phone numbers do not support Premium SMS at this time. If you send a SMS to a Premium SMS Short Code like the Red Cross ( 90999), you will receive a message back that says: “This campaign is not currently available through your service provider”. Your account will be charged for the normal incoming and outgoing SMS.

Can I get back a phone number I released accidentally?

Probably, phone numbers that are released do not become available for customers other customers to use and it is possible to restore that number, but you will need to contact our support team with your account information and the number that you need restored.

Voice – How much am I billed to forward a phone call?

You are charged for each call leg when you forward a phone call using the App Platform. Whether you use a bridge resource explicitly or transfer command, there are two call legs created – an inbound call to your app, and an outbound call to the number being forwarded to.

Voice – If I reject an incoming phone call will I be charged for the call?

No. If you respond to an incoming phone call by rejecting it, you will not be charged for that call. Also, if you do not set the incomingCallUrl property on your application and set the autoAnswer property to ‘false’, incoming calls will automatically be rejected and there will not be usage fees on your account for those calls.

Do I need a U.S. Address billing address in order to have an account with Bandwidth?

Yes. For both invoice customers and credit card, prepaid accounts with Bandwidth a US address is required.

Does Bandwidth offer invoice payment options?

Yes. Typically, for customers spending more than $5,000 / month, Bandwidth can offer discounted rates and invoice options with payment terms, please contact our sales team to learn more.

Does Bandwidth offer pay-as-you-go accounts?

Yes. We offer developers and growing companies the option to sign-up for a pay-as-you-go account using their credit card.

How do I get in touch with someone on the Bandwidth sales team?

You can call us at (855) 290-8135 or email sales here.

I don’t see a feature I am looking for, where can I ask about it?

We try to publish new features as “beta” as soon as we can on our documentation site, but if you are looking for a feature not documented, contact our sales team and they can route your request to the product team who would be able to answer your question.