Our Pricing: Yes, it's really this low.

Bandwidth* Typical Competitor ** Savings
Phone Number (per month) $0.35 $1.00 Save 65%
Inbound (per min) $0.0055 $0.0075 Save 26%
Outbound (per min) $0.01 $0.015 Save 33%
Inbound Messaging (per msg) FREE $0.0075 Save 100%
Outbound Messaging (per msg) $0.005 $0.0075 Save 33%
Unless otherwise stated, taxes are included. Prices only available with prepaid use of Communications API Platform. Prices subject to change. Terms and conditions apply.
Publicly available list pricing as of August 10, 2016. May not include applicable taxes.

U.S. Phone Numbers

Phone NumberPrice (per month fee)
Phone Number - Local – U.S. 48 States$0.35

Toll Free Phone Numbers

Phone NumberPrice (per month fee)
Phone Number - Toll Free$0.75
Phone Number - Toll Free - SMS Enablement$0.10

Calls / PSTN Usage

UsagePrice (per minute of use)
Calls - U.S. Local - Inbound$0.0055
Calls - Outbound$0.0100
Calls - Toll Free - Inbound$0.0195

Canada Phone Numbers

Phone NumberPrice
Phone Number - Local – Canada (per month)$0.4500 per month
Calls – Canada Local – Inbound$0.0180 per minute


Message TypePrice (per message fee)
SMS - Local - Inbound/OutboundFREE/$0.005
SMS - Local – Inbound/Outbound to U.S. Short Codes$0.01/$0.01
MMS - Local - Inbound/Outbound$0.01/$0.015
SMS - Toll Free - Inbound/Outbound$0.0075/$0.0075

Voice Features

Text-to-Speech Engine and APIsIncluded
Call Bridges & Conference Calling APIsIncluded
CNAM Lookup (per lookup)$0.0075
Call Recording / Unlimited Storage (monthly)Included
Transcription (per min) -- BETA$0.055

Mobile/Web/IP Voice Calls

Call typePrice (per minute of use)
Mobile / Web / IP Phones - Calls - SIP (via sip://)$0.0025